Tiny Trash Can zero waste toilet paper alternative

Zero waste toilet paper

I have no idea if there’s still a toilet paper shortage out there. That’s because my toilet paper looks like this! 😂

My son and I have been using a Brondell bidet attachment for two years. We LOVE it! I can’t imagine ever buying toilet paper again.

Washing is much more hygienic that wiping. And it’s better for the environment, too 💚 According to CBC News, the average American uses 141 rolls of toilet paper annually 😲 And toilet paper can contain up to 40% virgin fiber pulp from Canada’s boreal forest 😢

A bidet also saves money. When you use toilet paper, you are literally flushing money down the drain. Our bidet attachment cost only $35, so it paid for itself very quickly 👍

If you’ve been thinking about a bidet, now is a great time to try one! But if you’re not ready to ditch your toilet paper and are facing a toilet paper emergency, please do NOT use receipts (as some news stories have recommended). Thermal paper receipts are coated in BPA, so that’s not something you want to wipe on your private parts 😜 Instead, make some small wipes out of old clothing or soft fabric you have lying around your home. You can keep a small container next to the toilet to collect the used ones then launder them in hot water every couple days for an easy, reusable alternative 😃

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