tiny trash can receipts not recyclable

Receipts not recyclable

Did you know that receipts aren’t recyclable or compostable?! Most receipts are thermal paper and have high levels of BPA in them. When receipts get recycled, they contaminates other products, and if you compost them, they leach BPA into surface water and soil. Best to put them in the trash so the BPA is more isolated from the environment. Refuse receipts or get them emailed to you. Looks like these are going in my tiny trash can 🙁

2 thoughts on “Receipts not recyclable”

  1. Could receipts be shredded and turned into paper? I have read a lot about “making paper” by pulping but haven’t done this yet. I wondered if you had any insight into this.

    1. The problem with most receipts is that they’re coated with BPA. Simply handling them can pose a threat because BPA can disrupt cell function even in small concentrations. Making paper from receipts seems like it could expose you to high levels of the chemical 🙁 I wouldn’t recommend it.

      However, making paper from other types of paper could be interesting! 🙂

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