Zero waste swaps

Our habits have a cumulative impact over time. All those little things add up! That's why small changes can make a big difference. Here are a few easy things you can do to reduce your waste:

Tiny Trash Can reusable bag

Don't forget your bag

Plastic bags are terrible for the environment. Opt for reusable bags for all your shopping (not just groceries). Put one in your purse, backpack and/or car so you’re never caught off guard when you need to make a purchase.

Tiny Trash Can zero waste swaps reusable straws

Say no to plastic straws

These little suckers can’t be recycled. Request your drinks with no straw when ordering out. Drink directly from the cup or bring your own reusable straw (stainless, bamboo, silicone, etc.) if you need one.

Tiny Trash Can zero waste swaps reusable water bottle

Bring your own bottle

Plastic bottles require fossil fuels to make and transport, and paper cups can't be recycled because they're lined with plastic. Refill a reusable bottle with your favorite drink and stay hydrated all day long.

Tiny Trash Can zero waste coffee

Drink coffee waste-free

At home, make coffee with a French press or espresso machine and buy your beans in bulk (unpackaged). If you have a Keurig machine, switch to reusable K-Cups. When you buy coffee out, ask for a mug if you’re staying in or ask them to fill your reusable travel mug.

Tiny Trash Can plastic-free loose tea

Try loose tea

Tea is compostable, but those individual tea bags might not be. Buy loose tea package-free at a refill store, or in a metal tin at your grocery store (then reuse or recycle the canister when you’re done). Loose tea saves a staple, string, paper tag and pouch with every cup!

Tiny Trash Can zero waste swaps bar soap

Use bar soap

You’ll eliminate the plastic bottle and save money. Opt for bar soap (preferably unwrapped) instead of liquid soap for hands, face and body. You can use shaving bars or glycerine soaps instead of shaving cream. You can use shampoo and conditioner bars for your hair.

tiny trash can zero waste shaving

Upgrade your razor

Instead of a plastic razor with disposable blades, use a stainless steel safety razor with replaceable (and recyclable) blades. The handle will last forever, and the blades are super cheap. It makes this grooming habit feel ultra luxurious.

tiny trash can diy washcloths

Replace disposables

Don't throw your money away! Every single-use, disposable item has a reusable alternative. Easy swaps include cleaning rags, cloth napkins, handkerchiefs, cloth diapers and menstrual cups. If you're adventurous, skip the toilet paper and try a bidet!

tiny trash can diy all-purpose cleaner recipe

Make your own cleaners

When your store-bought cleaner runs out, refill the bottle with a homemade version. Not only does this save plastic bottles, it’s also  cheaper and healthier (no toxic chemicals in your home). All you need to make an all-purpose household cleaner is water and vinegar.

Want to really shrink your trash? Try a tiny trash can!

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