DIY reusable cotton pads

Being homebound has meant more time to tackle DIY projects, like making reusable cotton pads from an old crib sheet! 💪

Years ago, my son’s daycare wrote his name in permanent black marker on this organic cotton crib sheet, so I couldn’t donate it after he outgrew it 😞 I kept the crib sheet all these years because it was nice fabric, and I’m so glad I did. It was perfect for this project! 😃

Tiny Trash Can DIY reusable cotton pads from bedsheet

My son traced 36 circles onto the crib sheet using the metal container I plan to store them in. He was careful to draw the circles as close as possible to maximize the fabric and reduce waste 👍

Tiny Trash Can how to make reusable cotton pads

I cut the circles just inside the lines so they’d be the perfect size to fit in my container. I then composted the fabric scraps since they’re 100% cotton 🙌

Tiny Trash Can how to make reusable cotton pads

Using three circles for each cotton pad, I finished the edges on my sewing machine. Super easy! 😁

Tiny Trash Can DIY cotton rounds

Not sure when I’ll have an excuse to wear makeup again, but when I do, these little reusable cotton pads will come in handy 😂

Tiny Trash Can DIY reusable cotton pads

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