Try a tiny trash can

Try a tiny trash can waste sorting configuration

Feeling brave?! Reconfigure your waste sorting so the largest bins are compost and recycling and the smallest one is trash. This simple change makes it easier to make planet-friendly choices and will make you much more conscious of your trash output.

Before I started my zero waste journey, I had a trash can in every room of the house. In my kitchen, the trash can was the largest bin and my compost bin was the smallest. Unfortunately, this made it easy to throw things away (and have them magically disappear) and made composting a chore. Emptying a tiny compost container almost daily into a backyard compost bin in the middle of winter was a pain, to say the least! (No wonder more people don't compost!) I was making the eco-friendly choice extremely inconvenient for myself.

When I began my #zerowastechallenge, one of the first things I did was replace my big kitchen trash can with a small one (formerly my bathroom wastebasket) and remove all the other trash cans in the house. This simple change made me much more aware of what I was throwing away because I could actually see it. When you have a tiny trash can, you naturally want to avoid filling it up. It leads you to question every single piece of waste. Before I throw anything into my tiny trash can, I look up whether I can repurpose, recycle or compost it first. I've learned so much! Another bonus: I no longer need to roll my trash to the curb every week—I only take it out once a year! 😀

I hope you'll try a tiny trash can, too!


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