Try a tiny trash can

try a tiny trash can

Want to minimize your waste? Try a tiny trash can!

When I began my #zerowastechallenge, one of the first things I did was reconfigure my waste sorting so the largest bins were compost and recycling. In the middle is my new trash can (formerly my bathroom wastebasket). This simple change made my son and me more conscious of our collective trash output.

Before I started living zero waste, I had a trash can in every room of the house. In my kitchen, the trash can was the largest bin and my compost bin was the smallest. Unfortunately, this made it easy to throw things away (and have them magically disappear) and made composting a chore. Emptying a tiny compost container almost daily into a backyard compost bin in the middle of winter was a pain, to say the least! (No wonder more people don’t compost!) I was making the eco-friendly choice extremely inconvenient for myself.

When you have a tiny trash can, you become much more aware of what you’re throwing away because you actually see it. And because it’s small, you’ll want to avoid filling it up. For me, the adoption of a tiny trash can has led me to question every single piece of waste. Before I throw anything into that tiny trash can, I look up whether I can repurpose or compost it first.

Since going zero waste, I no longer need trash cans in every room—just one tiny trash can in our kitchen. Plus, I no longer need to roll my trash to the curb every week 🙂

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    1. Actually, when I talk about “bulk shopping,” I’m referring to buying unpackaged food from larger bins, not buying large quantities of food. Many grocery stores, for example, sell coffee in bulk where you fill up a paper bag of coffee beans as much as you like and write the bin number on the bag. Bulk food stores offer a variety of grains, flours, sugars, nuts, etc., in large bins where you buy only the quantity you need and they sell it to you by weight.

      Bulk shopping in this sense is perfect if you live alone because you can buy food and ingredients in only the quantities you need (and not in the quantities the companies have pre-packaged for you). If I’m trying a recipe for the first time and it requires an ingredient I don’t normally use, I always try to buy it in bulk. That way, I buy only the amount I need (like 1 tbsp of tumeric) instead of buying a big bag of it and never finishing it.

      Check out Zero Waste Home’s bulk store finder to see if there’s a bulk store near you. Happy bulk grocery shopping!

    2. I’m wondering where you purchased your compost and recycling containers. My compost is definitely too small, so I’d like to swap it up in size.

  1. How do u manage to get oil in bulk without plastic bottles ?? Also toilet roll and waste fill the bin inmost of the times ..

    1. Hi! I bought my oils in glass bottles. Then, when they ran out, I removed the labels and refilled the glass bottles with oils at a zero waste grocery store where they sell food in bulk 🙂

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