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No more toilet paper

My bathroom’s going green! It’s been two weeks since I installed this bidet attachment on my toilet. Not only do I feel cleaner, but we’ve also eliminated the last disposable in our house—toilet paper!

It took a couple days to get used to the bidet (I kept reflexively reaching for toilet paper), but now it’s our new normal. I chose this low-profile, non-electric Brondell bidet attachment. I was worried that the water would be too cold, but it’s actually rather refreshing! 😃 Now, instead of toilet paper, my son and I each have a small towel we use to pat ourselves dry after washing. I launder these when I wash our other bath towels. It’s that simple!

For those of you who plan on visiting, don’t worry—I kept a stash of toilet paper for guests 😉

3 thoughts on “No more toilet paper”

  1. The Toxic Avenger

    I did this, but just use a 2 liter plastic bottle and my hand. I only use maybe 300-500ml per clean but have to really wash my hands. No installation or purchase required!

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