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My name is Tippi Thole, and I’ve developed an incurable condition: I’m obsessed with trash! How did this happen? Like most people, I thought I was doing everything I could to protect the planet. But once I learned about the devastating impact our plastic and garbage was having on the environment, I couldn’t in good conscience continue to throw so much away.

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So on Jan. 1, 2018, my son and I made a new year’s resolution to stop using plastic and to live with zero waste — for the planet’s health as well as our own.

One of the first things I did after embarking on our zero waste challenge was adopt a tiny trash can. I replaced our large kitchen trash can with a small wastebasket and removed all the other trash cans in the house. This simple change made it a little less convenient to throw things away and prompted us to question every piece of waste. At the end of each week, we’d examine our trash to see what we could refuse, reduce or replace in the future. Within a few months, we were able to shrink our trash so much that it fits in this tiny trash can every week—with room to spare!

Our tiny trash can reminds us to make planet-friendly choices everyday and inspires us to do better the following week. We hope our tiny trash can will inspire you, too. Tiny trash can make a big difference!

You can follow our zero waste journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can also find me giving speeches at schools, conferences and community centers. When I’m not talking about trash, you can find me designing logos and websites as the happy owner of Bright Spot Studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Thanks for reading our story!

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