Tiny Trash Can how to shop package-free

How to shop package-free

Here's my system for grocery shopping with zero waste:

Step 1

I grab the containers I'll need based on my bulk shopping list. On today’s list: sausage, labneh (my cream cheese substitute), tzatziki, eggs, flour, brown rice, mozzarella, granola and balsamic vinegar.

Tiny Trash Can how to shop package-free

Step 2

I group the containers by store and pack them in my reusable grocery bags.

Tiny Trash Can how to shop package-free

Step 3

I get my meat and cheese containers filled by store employees and refill the others myself. I then choose unpackaged fruit and vegetables from the produce section.

Tiny Trash Can buying cheese zero waste

Zero waste shopping takes some planning upfront, but it gets easier the more you do it. And once you have systems in place that work for you, avoiding waste becomes (almost) effortless! 😃

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