Tiny Trash Can school talks

Talking trash with kids

Yesterday I gave a tiny trash presentation to third graders at Clearpoint Elementary IB World School 😃

“Where does our trash go when we throw it away?,” I asked them.

“It goes to a big pile!”
“It gets burned!”
“The ocean!”

I explained how trash and plastic harm the planet then shared simple ways kids could make a difference, like bringing a trash-free lunch, not wasting food, carrying a zero waste kit and picking up litter.

At the end of my speech, the kids excitedly shared what they wanted to start doing right away to help the planet 🙌 💚 🌎 And I know my talk resonated because, shortly after I left, a third grade teacher overheard one of the kids get mad at his mom for using Kleenex 😂

Thanks, Frances, for inviting me to spend time with your students! 🤗

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