Tiny Trash Can package free grocery list

Bulk shopping list

Quick little grocery run to Bulk Barn for some pantry essentials: sesame seeds, sea salt, dried pastas and fair trade coffee. Got all this for $13 CAD!

Tiny Trash Can package free grocery shopping

I always go shopping with a list that I keep on my phone, organized by store. When I shop package free, I check the list before leaving home and pack a container for each item. Once I’ve filled my jars at the store, I simply add the item code to the list on my phone. This makes checkout a breeze and saves tags, stickers and ink 👍

4 thoughts on “Bulk shopping list”

  1. Melana Janzen

    My question is how they weigh things at the bulk barn with your jars? Are you penalized for a heavy container.

  2. Hi! I’m from Western Canada and have done everything you have. I thought I’d add that I have bought an Instant Pot and now make my own cottage cheese and yoghurt. I already make my own pickles, jams and salsa. I can fruit too. I am searching for a place to buy bulk oils and kinds of vinegar, I find that I go through butter as well. Bulk Barn does not stock. Do you have any advice?
    You inspire me
    Thank you
    Connie Baxter
    Edmonton Alberta

    1. Hi, Connie! Keep up the great work! 😀 I get bulk oils and vinegars from a zero waste grocery store near me. If you don’t have one near you, see if you can find those items in glass, in the largest quantities possible and reuse the containers. And maybe you or someone you know can open a zero waste store! 😉

      For butter, I make mine from 35% cream that I buy in a consigned glass container. It’s really easy (takes only 10 minutes in a stand mixer). You can find instructions here. The two dairy brands with consigned glass containers that I see most often in Quebec are La Pinte and Harmony. Talk with your local grocery to store to see if they can source dairy in glass 🙂

      Good luck and keep me posted on your efforts!

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