Tiny Trash Can thrift store finds

Thrift store finds

My son recently had a growth spurt, which meant he outgrew a few things that fit him at the beginning of the season 😳 So we made a stop at Salvation Army to pick up some “new” clothes.

This shirt and pair of pants ($1.99 each) are his new favorite outfit because they’re so soft 💚 One of the many advantages of shopping secondhand? Everything’s already broken in! 😂

I bought these snow boots ($12) since I’ve lent mine to my son indefinitely (yeah, he outgrew those, too!). And the game Mastermind ($3) had been on my wish list for a longtime. I was so excited to finally find it secondhand! It’s perfect for cozy, winter nights at home 😊

I feel like this was a pretty successful thrift store trip! 🙌 What have you bought secondhand recently?

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  1. I bought some antique sewing drawers while I was out and about over the weekend. They’re a great (and fashionable) way to organize odds and ends without buying plastic bins.

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