Tiny Trash Can trash diary 2020 first quarter

First quarter of 2020

This is my family’s trash since the beginning of the year. We still can’t fit a year’s worth of garbage into a mason jar (#zerowastegoals!), but we’re pretty happy to get three months’ worth of trash to fit in a 10″ tall wastebasket! 😃

Our trash can contains a bubble wrap envelope (although I requested plastic-free packaging 🙄), a takeout container (when I was caught without my zero waste kit 🤭), plastic tofu packaging (from a friend’s dinner contribution), polyester thread (from some sewing projects) and the usual suspects (produce stickers and receipts).

When my son and I started our tiny trash journey two years ago, one week of trash filled this basket. Now we can easily get 12 weeks in 🙌

If you’ve been thinking about starting your own tiny trash journey, now’s a great time to start! 👍 If you’re spending more time at home, try making what you need and repairing what you have. If you’re avoiding trips to the store, clean out your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and use up what you find (forgotten canned food, travel-size toiletries, etc.). If you’re trying to save money, start replacing disposables with reusables wherever you can (paper towels, paper napkins, etc.).

The best part? Reducing waste feels good! And I think we could all use more of that right now 😊💚🌎

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