Tiny Trash Can zero waste coffee

Zero waste coffee

I love coffee but not all the waste that can come with it. Making a change in this daily habit can make a big difference! About 600 billion disposable coffee cups are distributed globally each year, and they can’t be recycled because those paper cups are lined with plastic 😢

Tiny Trash Can zero waste coffee

At home, opt for a simpler coffee routine with an espresso machine or a French press. You don’t need to buy an expensive espresso machine (unless you want to). I bought mine secondhand on Kijiji Canada 😁 These types of coffee makers don’t require disposable filters or capsules, which saves waste and money. You can buy your coffee beans unpackaged at lots of grocery stores and coffee shops, saving even more waste and money. If you don’t have your own coffee grinder, grind them at the same place you bought them—there’s usually a grinder right next to the bulk bins 😉

When you want coffee on the go, bring a reusable container. I pour mine into a double insulated stainless steel water bottle, which keeps it hot for hours ☺️

Happy zero waste coffee! 😁