Tiny Trash Can bar soap

Bar soap

One of the easiest zero waste swaps to make? Bar soap instead of liquid soap.

Have you noticed that the first ingredient in liquid soaps is plain old water? Sometimes the manufacturers try to disguise it by calling it “agua” or “eau” 🙄

When you buy liquid soap, you’re paying for the water (which I think we’re capable of adding to the soap ourselves), the fossil fuels that made the bottle, the plastic bottle that will never go away, the fossil fuels that transported a bottle full of water and the marketing that went into the packaging. Plus, many liquid soaps contain harsh chemicals, artificial colors and allergens!

Keep it simple: Buy bar soap. It lasts longer, it’s cheaper and it’s so much better for the planet 🌎 💚

I buy The Soap Works bar soap at Bulk Barn. I use their bee pollen soap for hands and body and their pure glycerine soap for shaving. Their soaps contain no phosphates or lauryl sulphates, their prices are great and they’re sold package-free! 😀

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