tiny trash can diy all-purpose cleaner recipe

DIY all-purpose cleaner

I hate cleaning, but ​this cleaner makes it a little more palatable—especially ​since it’s made with food ingredients! I’ve been making my own cleaning products for awhile because it’s ridiculously easy, saves money and is totally non-toxic. My latest all-purpose cleaner got a zero waste makeover.

Instead of using essential oi​l​ for fragrance, this recipe ​repurposes lemon peels​​​. In addition to giving the cleaner a refreshing scent, lemons add natural cleaning power like ​1) ​remov​ing water spots and hard water ​deposits​, 2) serv​ing as a powerful degreaser​ and ​solvent​ and 3)​​ acting as an antibacterial disinfectant. How awesome is that?!

tiny trash can diy all-purpose cleaner with lemon peels

I used t​o refill my store-bought cleaner containers with homemade cleaning solutions, but I recently decided to upgrade from plastic to glass. Not only is this repurposed Perrier bottle prettier, but the glass won’t leach plastic chemicals into my cleaning solutions and won’t react with essential oils (when I use them). Just screw on a standard spray bottle nozzle onto a glass bottle, and you’re ready to clean green! Happy cleaning 🙂

DIY all-purpose cleaner recipe

Lemon peels
White vinegar

1) Pour white vinegar over citrus peels and let sit for a couple weeks in a closed jar.
2) Once the vinegar has a strong citrus-infused aroma, strain out peels and pulp over a glass measuring cup. Compost peels.
3) Make a mental note of vinegar liquid amount then pour it into your spray bottle.
4) Refill measuring cup with same quantity of water and pour into spray bottle.
5) Shake and clean!

2 thoughts on “DIY all-purpose cleaner”

  1. I like this idea – but how do you get vinegar without buying it in a plastic or glass container from the store?

    1. Hi! I was able to find white vinegar in bulk at an eco-friendly boutique where they filled my mason jar for me. If that option isn’t available where you live, buying vinegar in glass is also a good option. Keep the container when it’s empty—you might find a use for it! 🙂

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