Tiny Trash Can zero waste takeout

Zero waste takeout

This is what takeout looks like, zero waste style! 😁

I cook most nights, but, despite my best efforts at meal planning, I found myself with nothing to make for dinner 😜 Armed with three containers and an insulated grocery bag, my son and I headed to Amir (a Lebanese fast food place) to grab a last-minute dinner. It was our first time there so we didn’t know how they’d react to our containers. But they had no issue at all! The staff happily placed our meals in our containers, asking repeatedly how we’d like to have the food packed 😃

Tiny Trash Can zero waste takeout

At the checkout, they even asked if we wanted a plastic bag … then remembered whom they were talking to! 😂 Needless to say, there were no paper napkins, plastic silverware or individually wrapped seasonings in our takeout order 👍

Tiny Trash Can zero waste takeout

When we got home, we ate our meals straight out of our containers with real silverware 😊

Tiny Trash Can zero waste takeout

I’m pretty sure we were the first customers to bring containers from home, but I hope we’re not the last! We’ll definitely be going back, especially since they’re next door to Bulk Barn 😆 Now we have another business to add to our package-free circuit! 🙌

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