Tiny Trash Can Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

It’s amazing what you can find locally secondhand! Yesterday I bought this sofa bed on Facebook Marketplace for $200 🙌

I had an air mattress for guests, but after going through three of them (the last one didn’t even last a night 😢), I decided it was time to invest in something that wouldn’t deflate 😂 Plus, the rest of the year when we aren’t hosting friends, I’ve got an adorable sofa that can be the backdrop to future Tiny Trash Can videos 😃 Yay for multifunctional!

I’m so happy to have found a waste-free and practical solution for my spare room. And my son can’t wait to host his next sleepover! 😊

The next time you need to buy something, think secondhand first 😉💚🌎

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