Tiny Trash Can recyclable pet food packaging

Recyclable pet food packaging

I brought my cat food bag to Pitou Minou & Compagnons Global Pet Foods for recycling today! Every time I go to buy cat food, I bring my old bag with me. Easy! 👍 If you’re a pet owner on the South Shore, I highly recommend stopping by Pitou Minou in Brossard!

The store participates in TerraCycle programs for Open Farm and Wellness Natural Pet Food for Dogs and Cats, saving customers the trouble of recycling the pet food packaging themselves 👏 Once the store has collected 10-15 bags, they fold them up (no need to rinse) and ship them for free via UPS in reused cardboard boxes to TerraCycle 🙌 If your pet store doesn’t do this yet, suggest they sell these two brands and enroll in Terracycle’s free programs. Or sign up yourself! 😉

In the U.S.:
Open Farm
Wellness Core

In Canada:
Open Farm
Wellness Core

I decided to take the time today to thank store manager Janica Leveille (pictured) for making recycling of pet food packaging so easy for customers 💚 And that got us talking about other ways to make her store eco-friendly! 😃

She already offers customers the option of buying dog treats in bulk with their own containers (or with paper bags provided). And she’s started prioritizing companies that supply products with minimal packaging. She showed me examples of individually wrapped dog bones and rawhide 😱 I encouraged her to inform those companies (whom she plans on dropping) that the excessive plastic packaging is a factor in her decision making. I explained how these companies need to hear that feedback in order to change. Then she asked if I had any waste-reduction suggestions for her store, which of course I did! 😂

As a result of our chat, she’s going to talk to her vendor about getting sWheat Scoop cat litter in cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags. And she’s going to order paper packing tape for future Terracycle shipments!😍 My interaction with Janica totally made my day! 😁

Support local businesses. Speak up for what you want. And never underestimate the power of a conversation. The world is full of people who want to make a difference 😊💚🌎

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