Tiny Trash Can zero waste landscaping project

Zero waste landscaping

My latest zero waste landscaping project!

I decided to add a garden bed in front of my walkway for pollinator-friendly plants, edible flowers and some shade-tolerant veggies 🙂

To create the border, I searched my shed and backyard for materials and found some bricks that were left by the previous homeowners. I didn’t have enough for my original design, so I reworked my idea to avoid buying anything new 😜

After I dug in the brick border, I removed all the sod with a shovel (a.k.a. free zero waste workout 💪). I shook off as much dirt as I could then composted the grass. My four-tine cultivator was purchased secondhand at a neighborhood garage sale two summers ago 👍

Tiny Trash Can zero waste landscaping project

Even my soil was secondhand! 😂 My neighbors had ordered a trailer of garden soil for their own yard and couldn’t use it all. When they saw me working on the project, they offered it to me 💚 They even lent me their wheelbarrow to transport the soil to my yard! 🙏

Tiny Trash Can zero waste landscaping project

I still need to buy compost and mulch to complete the bed. I plan to order these in bulk from a family-owned garden center and have them delivered for $25. Buying these materials in bulk means I won’t send any plastic bags to the landfill. It also means I won’t have to worry about making multiple trips to a store or getting my car dirty 🙌

As I was working on this project, my son commented I seemed happier than usual. I think taking a break from screens, getting my hands dirty and seeing an idea come to life did my soul some good 😊

Anyone else plan to garden more this year? 🌱

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