Tiny Trash Can emptying the fridge

Emptying the fridge

This was my fridge before I went grocery shopping 😆 This used to be typical for Fridays, but now I don’t even know what day it is! 🙃

We used to try to empty our fridge every week to minimize food waste. Now, because of COVID-19, we’ve been challenging ourselves to eat up everything in order to delay my grocery trips as long as possible. That means some “creative” meals before shopping day 😂 On the plus side, it inspires us to try new recipes and make things we don’t normally make. This week, my son made his own peanut butter! 💪

I used to go grocery shopping a couple times a week and hit multiple stores while I was out. Now I try to go to only one store every 1-2 weeks. This week I went to IGA.

Tiny Trash Can emptying the fridge

To reduce plastic, I always choose unwrapped produce and buy loose veggies in bulk with my mesh bags 👍 As an extra precaution, I put my fruits and vegetables on top of my reusable cloth grocery bags to reduce contact with the store cart then wash the bags when I get home 💡 I’m buying a lot more canned foods these days to help stretch out my grocery trips. And because SAQ’s Vin en Vrac (where I used to refill my wine bottles) is closed due to the pandemic, I bought a couple bottles of cheap wine to get me through self isolation 😜

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