Tiny Trash Can DIY window cleaner

DIY window cleaner

What a beautiful spring day! ☀️ We took the time to clean all our windows and install our screens so we could finally let in some fresh air ☺️

I wiped down all the screens (which were stored in a closet) while my son cleaned all the windows. We used our DIY all-purpose household cleaner, which works great on glass (and lots of other surfaces). To make, mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle (ours is a repurposed Perrier bottle). I buy cleaning vinegar (12%) package free at nearby bulk stores, but you can use distilled white cooking vinegar as well. The vinegar smell goes away once it’s dry, but if you want to change the scent, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil 😉 You can also infuse your cleaner with a nice lemon scent and extra cleaning power by using lemon peels (instructions here).

Making our own cleaning products means 1) less trips to the store, 2) less toxins in our home, 3) less money spent, 4) less plastic bottles used and 4) less clutter in our cabinets. One bottle of all-purpose cleaner replaces glass cleaner, microwave oven cleaner, bathroom cleaner, stainless steel cleaner and more! 🙌 We have one bottle of this all-purpose cleaner that we store in a centrally located cabinet so it’s easily accessible. When we run out, we make a new batch in seconds.

P.S. This all-purpose cleaner will damage granite and marble, but there are safe, DIY cleaner recipes for those surfaces, too 👍

Happy spring cleaning! 😁💚🌎

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    1. Hi! I reused the nozzle from a store-bought cleaner bottle that I had purchased before beginning my tiny trash journey. It turns out standard cleaner bottle spray nozzles fit Perrier bottles! If you don’t purchase cleaners anymore, I’m sure you could ask friends or family to save their spray nozzles for you. Hope this helps!

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