tiny trash can week 11

Week 11 trash

This was our best week yet! Half the volume was receipts and bulk/produce stickers!

Before starting this zero waste challenge, I never would have believed we could get a week’s worth of trash to fit in a 5-inch tall mason jar! Now, with a few new habits in place, the waste reduction happens by itself. My only regret? Not making these changes sooner! 😄

2 thoughts on “Week 11 trash”

  1. Tippi,

    Just found you while jumping around the web. I applaud your families efforts at reducing your household waste. One question though – why didn’t you try to grow the avocado pit into a plant? There are how-tos on-line.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your interest in our journey 🙂 I ended up composting the avocado pit seen in this post. I didn’t try growing the pit into a plant because a) it’s hard to get it to work (I witnessed many failed attempts by my ex-husband) and b) I don’t need that many avocado plants LOL. These days, I smash the pits before putting them into my compost bin to help them compost faster 🙂

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