Tiny Trash Can trash diary 2020 third quarter

Third quarter of 2020

Here’s our trash for July and August. I was hoping to last three months again, but our trash can was getting pretty full thanks in part to two more broken drinking glasses 🤦🏻‍♀️ I guess we’re clumsy! 😜 Rather than replace those glasses with more secondhand drinkware, we’ve been using mason jars instead. The glass is much thicker and, so far, indestructible🤞Plus, we have a LOT of mason jars 😆

In addition to the broken glass, our trash also contains jar labels, receipts, broken rubber bands and some plastic wrapping we couldn’t avoid. Not pictured is a rug my cat decided to pee on while I was out of town 🙄 I put the carpet directly in my curbside garbage bin, which I haven’t taken to the curb this year and still has plenty of space! 🙌

I then put all my household trash in a mailing envelope I received from a friend. The built-in bubble wrap will make the broken glass safer to handle when my trash gets processed. I always keep unrecyclable bags for reuse 👍

Tiny Trash Can trash diary 2020 third quarter

I’d love to hear how your waste reduction efforts have been going during the pandemic. Have you found it harder or easier to shrink your trash?

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