Tiny Trash Can trash diary 2020 second quarter

Second quarter of 2020

Here’s my family’s trash for the past three months. I don’t normally use a trash bag, but since there’s some broken glass in there, it was safer to wrap it up 👍

I compost all our food scraps so the contents of my trash are dry (and odor-free). I simply empty the contents of my tiny trash can directly into my curbside garbage can (in the same way I empty my recyclables into my curbside recycling bin.) But thanks to our glass mishap, I needed to find something to wrap my trash in 🤔

Since the pandemic started, I’ve been doing more shopping online and that’s meant more packaging 😬 I recently bought a tent from MEC so my son and I could do some camping this summer. I forgot to say “No plastic packaging please” in the order notes, and it came in this plastic bag full of plastic packing tape 🤦🏻‍♀️ I kept it and reused it to dispose of our broken glass.

Today is the first day of Plastic Free July, and an easy, single-use plastic item to eliminate is the garbage bag. If you want to reduce plastic, try going without! You’ll save money and 50+ bags a year 🙌 If you absolutely need a garbage bag, reuse something that’s going in the trash anyway. Don’t waste your money buying compostable or “biodegradeable” bags for trash—they won’t break down in a landfill. If you shop at a conventional grocery store, you probably already have packaging that could be used to hold trash (bread bags, chip bags, cereal bags, etc.). Or if you order items online and forget to specify plastic-free packaging 😜

What are you doing to reduce plastic use this month (and every month)? 😃💚🌎

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