Tiny Trash Can fiddleheads sauteed with wild garlic

Fiddleheads sautéed with wild garlic

My son and I foraged this weekend on his grandparents’ land. His grandmother taught us how to harvest fiddlehead ferns, and his grandfather showed us how to pick wild garlic 😊

Tiny Trash Can foraging fiddleheads

Tiny Trash Can harvesting wild garlic

When we got home, I washed the ferns twice with running water then a third time in salt water to get rid of any dirt or bugs. I blanched them in salted water then patted them dry with a towel.

Tiny Trash Can washing fiddleheads

The wild garlic got a quick wash, too, under cold running water.

Tiny Trash Can wild garlic

To cook, I sautéed the fiddleheads with olive oil on medium heat for 5 minutes until the edges started to brown slightly, then I added some sliced wild garlic and sautéed for another minute.

Although we missed the peak weekend for fiddleheads, they still turned out delicious! My son loved them so much that he said we're going to pick a LOT more next year. Apparently, we didn't get enough 😜 We've already marked our calendar for next year! 😃

My son was so happy spending the day in the forest and learning how to eat foods he'd collected himself. He said it was the perfect spring day, and I had to agree 💚

Tiny Trash Can foraging

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