Tiny Trash Can dandelion benefits


Like lots of people, I used to think dandelions were "bad." I thought they were invasive weeds that destroyed lawns. But my son helped me see them differently. When he was little, he would giddily run through fields of yellow pompoms and make wishes on the seed heads. He'd bring me bouquets of the yellow flowers every chance he got 🤗 For him, they were the most beautiful flowers 😊

Tiny Trash Can dandelion bouquets

Fast forward a few years, and I have a newfound appreciation for dandelions 🙂 Our backyard has become a dandelion sanctuary 😂 Not only do dandelions provide a much-needed spring food source for bees, but they're highly nutritious for people, too! The flowers, leaves and roots are all edible and full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Tiny Trash Can dandelion backyard

My son and I spent the weekend foraging in our backyard and learning different ways to eat them. So far, our favorites are dandelion fritters and dandelion iced tea 😋

My son has spent so much time in our dandelion field that he even managed to find a double dandelion! 😲 Not only are we feeling well-fed, but we're feeling pretty lucky, too 😁

Tiny Trash Can double dandelion

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