Tiny Trash Can restocking the pantry

Restocking the pantry

I restocked at Bulk Barn yesterday during their 20% off sale 😀 My package-free haul contains powdered sugar, chocolate chips, dried pasta, cocoa powder and flour.

Whenever there’s a sale, I check my pantry, make a list and refill. If I’m out of an ingredient, I bring the empty and washed pantry jar to refill at the store. If I’m low on something, I bring a clean mason jar to the store and refill my pantry jar when I get home.

I rarely buy anything at Bulk Barn at full price. That’s because there’s a special nearly every week! 😆 If you haven’t already, subscribe to their e-newsletter for weekly coupons. Save paper by bringing your smartphone to the store so they can scan your coupon at checkout 😉

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  1. Aren’t you paying for the weight of your container when you buy bulk? Do you weigh your mason jar and ask the store to deduct that weight from what it charges you?

    1. Hi, Audrey! At Bulk Barn, the cashier weighs the containers and marks the weight (with a washable marker or small sticker) on the container before I shop, then deducts the weight of the container at checkout. At zero waste stores, they supply balances and washable markers for customers to weigh their own containers before filling. At stores that have bulk bins but don’t supply scales, you can have the weight already marked on your container and ask the cashier to deduct in. Sometimes they can, sometimes they can’t—it depends on their system so be sure to ask in advance or bring a very lightweight reusable bag (mesh, fabric, plastic) so you’re not penalized too much. Hope this helps!

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