Tiny Trash Can restocking the pantry

Restocking the pantry

I restocked at Bulk Barn yesterday during their 20% off sale 😀 My package-free haul contains powdered sugar, chocolate chips, dried pasta, cocoa powder and flour.

Whenever there’s a sale, I check my pantry, make a list and refill. If I’m out of an ingredient, I bring the empty and washed pantry jar to refill at the store. If I’m low on something, I bring a clean mason jar to the store and refill my pantry jar when I get home.

I rarely buy anything at Bulk Barn at full price. That’s because there’s a special nearly every week! 😆 If you haven’t already, subscribe to their e-newsletter for weekly coupons. Save paper by bringing your smartphone to the store so they can scan your coupon at checkout 😉

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