Tiny Trash Can plastic-free berries

Plastic-free berries

I was so excited to find these local, plastic-free berries at IGA! 👏

Berries are some of the hardest things to find without plastic packaging at conventional grocery stores. So I’m thrilled that these Canadian producers are using cardboard packaging instead of plastic clamshells! 🙌 And there are no plastic handles in sight! 😃 It turns out that all of these containers are from Paniers P&P (panierspp.com), a family business in Quebec 💚

When I can’t find plastic-free berries at the grocery store, here are some other ways I get my berry fix:
– Shop at a farmer’s market (where growers happily take back the basket 👍)
Pick them at a nearby farm (which makes a great family outing 🤗)
– Grow them in the garden (we’ve got wild strawberries in our lawn, plus we planted blueberry and raspberry bushes this year 😋)

And if none of those options are realistic for you, let your grocery store and favorite berry brands know that you’d appreciate cardboard packaging 😉

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