Tiny Trash Can recycling 2021

2021 recycling (1 of 2)

I rolled out my recycling to the curb for the first time in 2021! ☝️

It contains lots of paper (from homeschooling) as well as soy milk containers, metal food cans and some plastic (namely a sled that cracked 😬).

I’ve been trying to reduce my recycling as much as I can. That’s because there’s no guarantee that the materials I put in my blue bin will actually get recycled 🙁 I especially try to reduce my plastic usage since only 9% of plastic actually gets recycled 😢

It can be tempting to throw items in the blue bin “just in case” they’re recyclable. But if you’re not sure, take a minute to check your local recycling regulations since guidelines change, and they vary from town to town. By not practicing “wishful recycling,” we can help ensure our cities’ recycling programs continue 💚

To reduce recyclable waste, I opt for easily recyclable packaging like metal, glass and paper (not plastic). I also reuse glass jars and other containers whenever possible. When it’s time to recycle, I rinse cans and bottles well so they have a better chance of getting recycled 👍

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