Tiny Trash Can pick your own vegetables

Pick your own

I got all this (plus a sweet potato) for only $3.60! 😲

I picked them myself at Potager Mont-Rouge Halte Gourmande. Because temperatures dipped to freezing Friday night, this is the last weekend for pick-your-own-veggies. That means a 30% end-of-season discount! 🙌

If you want to pick your own bargain, head out today! At Potager Mont-Rouge Halte Gourmand, there are several varieties of bell peppers, chili peppers, tomatoes, eggplants and onions to choose from.

To make the outing as eco-friendly as possible, here are a few things I did:

  • - I carpooled with my friend since the farm is about 30 miles away.
  • - I carried a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated during the drive and farm visit.
  • - I brought my own reusable bag to put my harvest in after purchase, then returned the plastic bag and bin to the farm for reuse.
  • - I requested paper plates for our corn at the snack bar instead of the styrofoam trays we would have been given. I then put the plates and corn cobs in the compost bin available on site.
  • - I put the giant head of lettuce I bought at the farm stand directly in my backpack instead of taking a plastic bag.

It was a fun, kid-friendly way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon with friends (and with zero waste)! I suspect end-of-season veggie picking is going to become an annual tradition! 😊

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