Tiny Trash Can organic apple picking near Montreal

Organic apple picking

Apple-picking season is here! This weekend I harvested 21.5 lbs of organic apples for only $22! 😃

Tiny Trash Can organic apple picking near Montreal

I love picking apples at Héritage Saint-Bernard, an organic apple orchard just 30 minutes from Montreal. They have about 1,000 trees and 15 apple varieties. Not only are they one of the few pick-your-own orchards with organic apples, they also make it easy for me to buy apples with zero waste 💚 Although I have to use their transparent plastic bag to pick my apples (for measuring purposes), I pour them into a reusable bag when I’m done and return the plastic bag to the orchard employees who happily agree to reuse it 👏

Tiny Trash Can organic apple picking near Montreal

Apples are one of the fruits I always buy organic because conventionally-grown apples have a high pesticide load. As a result, apples regularly make the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list of highly contaminated crops. Organic apples are not only better for our health, but they’re also better for the environment. I’d also argue they’re a lot more delicious! 😋

If you live in the Montreal area and want to visit Île St-Bernard for apple picking, you’d better hurry. The season kicks off this weekend and only lasts two weeks! 😲

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