Tiny Trash Can municipal composting organic material collection

Organic material collection

Look what arrived in my driveway! 😃 To say I’m excited would be an understatement 😂

Curbside collection of organic materials for my town (finally) begins Oct. 1. From that date on, trash will be collected every two weeks instead of every week 🙂 That’s because my city estimates that roughly 50% of household trash sent to the landfill is organic material 😲 Beginning this fall, food scraps, yard waste, etc., will be collected weekly in my region and sent to a biomethanation plant where it will be turned into biogas then compost.

I’ll continue composting in my backyard because it requires no fossil fuels and provides free soil amendment, but I’m glad to have a place to send the occasional meat or dairy waste 👍 And I’m really happy that 225,000 citizens will have an easy, greener option available to them 🙌 I’m hopeful this new initiative will encourage citizens to reduce their landfill waste as well 🤞 💚🌎

Wait, is it just me or is my brown bin smiling at me?! 🤪

Tiny Trash Can municipal composting organic material collection

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      1. How cool is that! We end up flipping the lid during sunny days to air it out and let the cut grass dry out a bit so it isnt so heavy to haul to the curb. Vents are a good idea for a yw can. Thanks! I enjoy yr site. I subscribe to the RSS feed.

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