Tiny Trash Can flower vase

Flower vase

No vase? No problem!

I love bringing the outdoors in with fresh cut flowers—and Milo loves it, too! 😻 But I donated all my vases because I rarely used them and they were taking up storage space.

When I need a vase, I shop my kitchen for a glass container that can do double duty. This tall pantry jar works beautifully for my homegrown irises 😃 A mason jar or tall drinking glass would work well for shorter stemmed flowers. And a glass bottle (from wine, oils, salad dressings, etc.) would work well for single stems or small bouquets.

Before buying anything new, ask yourself if you already have something that could do the job. Get creative! (And don’t forget to check the recycling bin 😉) Rethinking household objects saves money, space and waste! 🙌

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