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Make leftovers

Don’t have time to cook every night? Make extra when you do! It’s a simple way to reduce waste.

Cooking larger batches means quick, waste-free meals later in the week. And making larger quantities doesn’t require extra cooking or cleaning time! 😃

Even though we’re a family of two, I always make 4-6 portions so we have plenty of leftovers. After dinner, I fill lunch-size glass containers with what’s left and pop them in the fridge. It makes packing lunch the next morning a cinch. No need to make anything. No need to transfer food into another container. All I have to do is add some fruits and veggies, and my son is set with a healthy meal and snacks.

By cooking extra portions, I avoid the packaging that comes with frozen meals and prepared foods. I’m also less tempted to eat out with such a convenient option waiting in the fridge. Plus, our meals are healthier and less expensive! 😊

Tiny Trash Can leftovers make zero waste lunches

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  1. Michael Whitman

    One way to reuse food packaging is keeping my eye out for easy-to-reuse containers. Like Classico brand spaghetti sauces’ 24-oz. jars, which take the same size lids as Mason canning jars. I soak the labels off, then either paint the lids white for buying bulk dry foods, or I buy canning rings and lids for canning applesauce and other stuff.
    Want photos? Thanks — michael

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