Tiny Trash Can sewing repair

Repair instead of replace

Milo the cat has started leaving “presents” at my bedroom door. Luckily, since he’s an indoor cat, his conquests are of the stuffed variety 😆

His favorite toy to hunt is this little tiger, which we received secondhand from my mom. After years of attacks, the toy was starting to show its age. I came home one day to find polyester fiberfill strewn all over the house 😳 A seam had busted, and the stuffing was coming out.

Tiny Trash Can repair don't replace

Rather than throw it away, I took a couple minutes to refill the toy and stitch up the seam before it got worse. Milo was more than happy to immediately test out my sewing skills! 😂 I think this little toy has a few more years in it 😊

Tiny Trash Can repair don't replace

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