Tiny Trash Can no-sew handkerchiefs

No-sew handkerchiefs

These handkerchiefs are easy to make, super soft and zero waste! 💚

I recently made my son this set of handkerchiefs out of pajama pants he’d outgrown. The fabric was worn through in some places, including a hole in one knee, so they weren’t in good enough condition to donate 😜 But these pajama bottoms were made from 100% cotton, which made them perfect for this project 👍

Tiny Trash Can no-sew handkerchiefs

How to make no-sew handkerchiefs

1) Cut the elastic bands and seams out of the clothing with fabric scissors.

Tiny Trash Can no-sew handkerchiefs

2) Then, cut out square shapes from the remaining material, avoiding areas that are worn thin.

Tiny Trash Can no-sew handkerchiefs

3) Stack the squares on top of each other and cut along the edges if you want them to be the same size. The knit jersey fabric (a.k.a. t-shirt material) won’t fray, so there’s no need to finish the edges. This also keeps the handkerchiefs soft for sore noses 😊

Tiny Trash Can no-sew handkerchiefs

My son loves his new handkerchiefs. In fact, when they come out of the laundry, he carefully overlaps them and puts them in an old tissue box so they work just like disposable paper tissues! 😃

Since I bought these pajamas secondhand, making handkerchiefs out of them was a great way to give them a third life. We got a couple years of wear out of them, and now we’ll get a few more! 🙌

3 thoughts on “No-sew handkerchiefs”

  1. I cut up some old t-shirts and put them where I used to keep my paper towels. They can be rinsed and reused and then tossed in the laundry when totally grubby.

  2. I want to make handkerchief as source of income. To start making to sell even embroidery and other touches to be attractive and affordable

  3. I still buy paper towels, but only about one roll per year – ever since I started salvaging old towels, sheets, tshirts etc for this purpose.

    Tip: The best way to speed up the ‘cutting up’ step is to use a Fiskars cutting wheel on a self-healing fabric mat.

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