tiny trash can diy all-purpose cleaner recipe

DIY household cleaner

Did you know that conventional household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that are hazardous to your health? Companies don’t even have to disclose these substances on their labels 😢 Using something called a “fragrance loophole,” companies hide these toxic chemicals right under our noses! 😳

I hate cleaning, but ​this cleaner makes it a little more palatable—especially ​since it’s made with food ingredients! Instead of using essential oi​l​ for fragrance, this recipe ​repurposes lemon peels​​​. In addition to giving the cleaner a refreshing scent, lemons add natural cleaning power like ​1) ​remov​ing water spots and hard water ​deposits​, 2) serv​ing as a powerful degreaser​ and ​solvent​ and 3)​​ acting as an antibacterial disinfectant. How awesome is that?!

The next time you run out of a household cleaner, don’t buy a replacement. Instead, refill the bottle with a healthy, homemade version. This easy, all-purpose cleaner takes less than a minute to make (I actually timed myself). It replaces your kitchen, bathroom and glass cleaners (extra cupboard space, anyone?). And not only is this cleaner safe and effective, it costs just pennies to make 😃

You can also replace your plastic spray bottles with a repurposed glass one 🙂 Not only is this Perrier bottle pretty, but the glass won’t leach plastic chemicals into my cleaning solutions. Just screw on a standard spray bottle nozzle onto a glass bottle, and you’re ready to clean green! Happy cleaning 🙂

To learn more about the toxic chemicals lurking in your household products, watch the Netflix documentary “Stink!”

To find out if your household products are harmful to your health, check the Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Cleaning database.


DIY all-purpose cleaner recipe

White vinegar
Lemon peels

1) Soak lemon peels in white vinegar and let sit for a couple weeks in a closed jar. I use a cleaning vinegar (12%) for more cleaning power, but regular distilled white vinegar (5%) works, too.

Tiny Trash Can DIY household cleaner with vinegar

2) Once the vinegar has a strong citrus-infused aroma, strain out peels and pulp over a glass measuring cup. Compost peels.

tiny trash can diy all-purpose cleaner with lemon peels

3) Pour vinegar into your spray bottle.
4) Add equal amount of water to your spray bottle.
5) Shake and clean!

2 thoughts on “DIY household cleaner”

  1. I like this idea – but how do you get vinegar without buying it in a plastic or glass container from the store?

    1. Hi! I was able to find white vinegar in bulk at an eco-friendly boutique where they filled my mason jar for me. If that option isn’t available where you live, buying vinegar in glass is also a good option. Keep the container when it’s empty—you might find a use for it! 🙂

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