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Cooking at home

One of the benefits of social distancing? More time to cook! 😃

With my son home from school, we’re making time to cook together everyday. Not only is cooking a productive activity that helps pass the time, but my son gets to learn some important life skills 💪

If you’re staying home, no-knead bread is an easy way to add some joy to the middle of your day. Take five minutes to make some dough this evening, then bake it after breakfast tomorrow so it’s ready for lunch. I’m telling you, freshly baked bread right out of the oven can make even peanut butter sandwiches feel like a gourmet experience! 😂 You can get the link to our bread recipe and others in my stories.

My son’s excited to try some new recipes over the next couple weeks, like homemade English muffins and pita bread 😋 Now’s the perfect time to tackle these longer recipes, which we can freeze for later 👍

What are you cooking up at home?

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