Tiny Trash Can Flor carpet tiles

Carpet tiles

My new rug has arrived! I’m not sure who’s more excited … me or Milo! 😻

For the new year, I decided to give my entry a much-needed refresh. I never liked my brown floor tile, so I wanted a rug that would cover as much of it as possible AND absorb melted snow from our boots in the winter ❄️

Whenever I buy something new, I do lots of research to find something that’s long-lasting and eco-friendly. I also consider what will happen to the product at the end of its life: Can it be composted or recycled instead of going to landfill? 🤔

I ultimately decided to buy Flor carpet tiles. Because they’re modular, they can be efficiently shipped in a cardboard box. And if my rug gets dirty or damaged, I can easily remove one carpet tile and wash or replace it (rather than buy a whole new rug). With a teenage boy and a tenacious cat, this is a major consideration 😅 Flor also has a Return & Recycle program, so at the end of my rug’s life, I can mail back the tiles so the backing can be recycled and used to make new carpet tiles. Learn more about Flor’s sustainability efforts 🌎

For my entry, I bought 5 “Mod Cafe” carpet tiles (50 cm x 50 cm). This configuration (2 x 2.5 tiles) perfectly covers my brown tile with a 3-inch reveal 🙌

Tiny Trash Can Flor carpet tiles

In the spring I’ll paint my floor tiles black with a special primer and floor paint to match the rug. Since the floor tile is in good shape, painting it allows me to avoid the waste, mess and cost of replacement 👍

I’m generally not a fan of carpet because of the plastic fibers, so I know this isn’t a PERFECT zero waste solution. It can be hard to find products that are practical and sustainable 🫤 For now, I plan on taking care of my new rug as best as I can so it lasts as long as possible 💪

Have you found eco-friendly products you love that check all the boxes? Please share your favorites in the comments below!

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