Tiny Trash Can second recycling bin 2022

2022 recycling (2 of 2)

I took the rest of my year’s recyclables out to the curb today—the second and final time for 2022 🎉

I’ve managed to keep my family’s recyclables to two blue bins a year by reusing containers, refilling at bulk stores and buying unpackaged food whenever possible. When I do buy packaged foods, I opt for products that come in metal, glass, cardboard and paper because those materials are more likely to be recycled than plastic. (Did you know that only 9% of plastic gets recycled?! 😱)

If you have a few minutes this weekend, check what your town or city currently accepts in its recycling program. These rules can change depending on the current market for recyclables, so just because something was accepted a few years ago doesn’t mean it’s still accepted now. By only putting in what’s likely to be recycled, you improve the efficiency of your recycling program and increase the likelihood that the contents of your bin will get recycled 👍

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