Tiny Trash Can zero waste Christmas

Zero waste Christmas

Merry Christmas! 🎄 This year we celebrated our first zero waste Christmas (and my son’s first not believing in Santa), but Christmas morning was no less magical 😊

My son had some good laughs trying to guess his presents before opening them, an impossible feat since most were experiences 😂 I gave him homemade gift certificates for dogsledding and Funtropolis St-Hubert and a microcassette recorder from my journalism days 😊 I also filled his stocking with foil wrapped candies from Bulk Barn 😋

Our presents were wrapped with gift boxes and pieces of ribbon saved from previous years (and one was secured with a rubber band 😆). Not using any tape means everything is easily reusable or recyclable 💚

Tiny Trash Can zero waste Christmas gift wrapping

If you give or receive presents in wrapping paper this holiday season, check your local recycling rules to find out how best to dispose of it. Not all wrapping paper is recyclable 🙁 Tape, ribbon and bows aren’t recyclable, so remove those as best you can before throwing wrapping paper in your recycling bin. If you receive any nice gift bags, boxes or bows, be sure to save them for reuse next year! 😀

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