Tiny Trash Can zero waste challenge week 51 trash

Week 51 trash

We have a less-than-tiny trash can but not because of Christmas! Our gifts were all zero waste with reusable packaging. The extra trash is due to my ongoing family room remodel (plastic wrap from a shelf and an old paint roller).

I love doing home improvement projects, but trying to do them with as little waste as possible adds another layer of difficulty. Luckily, I love a good challenge 😉

I decided to add picture ledges on either side of my new fireplace wall to display family photos. Using my neighbor’s table saw, I was able to get four ledges out of one six-foot bamboo shelf. These floating shelves use nothing but a wooden dowel rod I had and some long screws to secure to the wall studs 😀

As for the paint roller, I washed and reused it as many times as I could, but it was leaving more fur on my walls than paint 😂

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