Tiny Trash Can zero waste at restaurants

Zero waste at restaurants

Eating out with zero waste can be challenging, but my son and I have it down to a science! 💪

This weekend we had breakfast at Cora restaurants. Here are a few things we did to avoid waste:

1) We told the hostess that my son didn’t need a coloring page or crayons (we bring our own activities if we think the wait might be long) 💡

2) My son refused the straw that was brought for his milk 👏

3) I skipped the sugar packets for my coffee and requested soy milk to avoid using the individual creamers at the table. I could have also just borrowed some of my son’s milk 😉

4) We brought home the food we couldn’t finish in our reusable containers 😁

These might seem like little things, but every time we do zero waste in public, it’s an opportunity to introduce people to less wasteful alternatives. The hostess, the server and the customers seated nearby all noticed our efforts! 😊

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