Tiny Trash Can save fall leaves

Save your leaves

It’s fall in Quebec, and beautiful leaves are blanketing the ground everywhere 😍 If you’re a homeowner, resist the urge to bag up those fall leaves! Instead, use them to benefit your lawn and garden 💪 You’ll avoid the bags used to collect the leaves, and you’ll be able to avoid bags of fertilizer in the spring 😉

In addition to helping wildlife and insects, fall leaves add nutrients to the soil, help suppress weeds, feed soil microbes, boost its water-holding capacity and improve its structure (tilth). Oh, and the best part? They’re totally free! 😃

Here are a few ways to use fall leaves in your yard:

1) Mow them into your lawn

Tiny Trash Can fall leaves for lawn

2) Add them to your garden beds (whole or chopped)

Tiny Trash Can fall leaves for garden beds

3) Rake them around your trees

Tiny Trash Can fall leaves for tree mulch

4) Add them to your compost pile to balance your “greens”

Tiny Trash Can fall leaves for compost

P.S. Whatever you do, please don’t burn the leaves. Burning leaves pollutes the air and creates a fire hazard 😬

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