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Week’s worth of recycling

A lot of you are interested in seeing my recycling bin. Can you tell I’m not used to being in front of the camera?! 🤪 Here’s a week’s worth of recycling for my household …

My pile consists of a mailing envelope, paper that was printed on both sides (I keep the one-sided paper to reuse), plastic rings from consigned glass dairy bottles and the metal tops from cat and fish food. What you won’t find in my recycling: plastic bags, plastic packaging and glass containers. I’ve reduced the amount I recycle by shopping package-free, storing food plastic-free and refusing junk mail.

We’ve been told for decades that recycling is “good” for the environment so why am I trying to reduce my recycling? Because less is more when it comes to waste—whether it’s recyclable or not 😊

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  1. A great outing for anyone trying to see how to live ‘zero waste’ is to head to your nearest living history museum. I’ve been a historical interpreter for several years, and it absolutely changed my outlook. Coming home every day from the tidy, practical houses to one full of superfluous stuff became more and more troublesome to me, as did buying things like cheap plastic craft supplies, particle board furniture, too many clothes, and plastic food wrap. Obviously, no one wants to, or even can, live like it’s the 1800s anymore, but you can really be inspired by seeing how they got by with no plastics at all, and, of course, the friendly interpreters can give you all manner of useful information, tips, and insights!

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