Tiny Trash Can zero waste challenge week 48 trash

Week 48 trash

My regular trash includes wax paper from takeout pizza, produce twist ties and an old dish sponge. Most conventional sponges are made from synthetic materials so they’re not compostable 😞 Once this sponge was no longer good for cleaning dishes, it got relegated to the bathroom where it spent its final days. Now I use loofas and tawashis to wash my dishes, but I still have several synthetic sponges I purchased prior to going zero waste that I keep for dirtier jobs around the house 😜

In addition to my regular trash, I have a bin of construction debris—mostly carpet, staples and small pieces of plywood. I finally got around to removing the lovely 12-inch border of office carpet from my living room walls 😆 Carpet like this is made with synthetic fibers (nylon and polyester) so I’ll take it to the eco center where it will hopefully be recycled 🤞 As for the baseboard trim, I salvaged as much as I could and will donate it on Kijiji 💚 While I’m happy to be rid of the carpet trim, I think Milo is sad to see it go. It was a built-in scratching post! 😂

Tiny Trash Can zero waste challenge week 48 trash

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