Tiny Trash Can zero waste chicken noodle soup

“Chicken” noodle soup

When I’m feeling under the weather, nothing warms me up like chicken noodle soup! 😋 Here’s my super simple, zero waste take on the classic comfort food:

Quantities for one bowl of soup
1 1/2 cups water
6 teaspoons vegan “chicken” broth powder*
1/2 cup soup noodles**

1) Heat up water and add broth powder.
2) Once simmering, add soup noodles and cook a couple minutes until done.

* I buy Frontier Organic No-Chicken Broth Powder at Épicerie Loco. It’s delicious and really versatile.
** I get soup noodles package-free at Bulk Barn.

Tiny Trash Can zero waste chicken noodle soup

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