Tiny Trash Can zero waste challenge week 41 trash

Week 41 trash

This week’s trash includes old caulking from my bathtub, thread from repairs, labels from repurposed glass jars as well as the usual suspects (stickers and receipts). My son also received some books for his birthday in a bubble wrap envelope from a well-intentioned relative.

Tiny Trash Can zero waste challenge week 41 bubblewrap mailer

Unfortunately, envelopes made of mixed materials (i.e., paper and plastic) can’t be recycled so this mailer will be going in my garbage bin. At least Milo had fun trying (unsuccessfully) to remove the bubble wrap liner from the envelope 😂

The next time you mail a package or shop online, check to see if non-plastic shipping options are available. Padded envelopes made of the same materials (i.e. paper envelope with paper cushioning) are easily recycled. Cardboard boxes with paper tape are other good options 😉

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