Tiny Trash Can zero waste challenge week 39 trash

Week 39 trash

My trash is definitely not tiny this week! That’s because I decided to do a mini bathroom makeover this weekend 😳

Home renovations can be extremely wasteful, but I tried to reduce the impact of this project as much as possible:

  1. I offered the vanity, sink and faucet for free via Kijiji to save it from the landfill, and a woman happily picked it up last night for her guest bathroom 😀
  2. I salvaged most of the remaining wood and hardware to be reused in future projects
  3. I opted for supplies without plastic packaging whenever possible
  4. I took my construction debris to the municipal eco center for recycling and proper disposal

Did you know that construction waste shouldn’t be put in the curbside trash bin (even though this would have easily fit)? That’s because much of it can be recycled, and the rest could leach toxins. This morning I dropped off everything you see here—drywall, metal and other construction waste—at my local eco center where they assured me that the materials would be further sorted, recovered and recycled 🤞

The rest of the waste produced by the project is recyclable through my city’s curbside program and will be going into my recycling bin later this week: cardboard, styrofoam (recyclable in my city) and paper.

I feel guilty for buying new items to refresh my bathroom (I’ve been trying to buy everything secondhand), but I hope the improvements will be enjoyed for many years to come 😊

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