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Fresh pumpkin

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and pumpkins are everywhere! I picked up this beautiful potiron at the farmer’s market. I love cooking with pumpkin—it’s low in calories, packed with vitamin A and always comes package-free 😃

Rather than use canned pumpkin, I prepare fresh pumpkin and freeze it. This $4 pumpkin yielded 15 cups of pumpkin, not to mention lots of seeds! We used two cups of the fresh pumpkin right away to make a loaf of pumpkin bread. We’ll also be using the pumpkin in muffins and soups 😋

While we were cooking, we made a funny discovery: Milo loves pumpkin! Who knew?! I think we found a new nickname for our orange kitten … 🤣

Happy Thanksgiving!

How to prepare fresh pumpkin for cooking

  1. Cut pumpkin in half and remove stringy parts. Place seeds in separate bowl.
  2. Cut cleaned out pumpkin into wedges and carefully slice off skin.
  3. Shred pumpkin wedges in food processor.
  4. Strain out liquid and pack shredded pumpkin in glass storage containers for freezing. (You can keep the liquid for use in smoothies and soups, too!)
  5. Separate seeds and rinse thoroughly. Spread out to dry.
  6. Compost stringy parts and pumpkin skin.

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